What Not to Do With Acne

Several skin products and different treatment procedures available in the market promise to improve the condition of acne. However, these things may not be entirely suited for you unless you check with a skin expert if indeed the product you are trying out is suitable for your skin type and condition. In case you want to try out these readily available products, do “patch” tests first so you can do away with worsening further your already “burdened” skin. Go easy on your acne by following these skin caveats:

1. Do not touch your face.
Our hands touch practically almost anything we can grab on and if you are into the habit of touching your face, you are risking more bacteria to thrive in your face making you breakout more. Before you get your hands on your face, wash up with soap and water first if you do not want to risk having infection. In certain cases where people unmindfully touch their face especially during sleep, they wear this lightweight cotton gloves to address this reflex.

Resist the urge to prick your pimples. If you want to pop them, get a sanitized needle and do it very carefully. It is actually much better and safer if you leave the pricking to the experts.

2. Never scrub your face
Scrubbing makes skin worse off and irritated. It also causes large pores and scars. If you are applying ointment or cream on your face, do not apply pressure. Pat your skin dry and do not rub, when you are drying your face.

3. Do not overdo things
Avoid washing the face over than two times a day if you do not want to rob your skin of its necessary natural moisture. Get into the habit of washing your face preferably in the morning and night before going to bed. Extreme application of acne products and facial moisturizers will only make your skin produce more oil.

4. Do not stray in your acne treatment
If you have a particular treatment, stick to it first before trying out another treatment. I find this very reasonable simply to determine whether a certain treatment actually works or not. If you stray in the course of your treatment by using other than the prescribed medications, skin reactions may go haywire which can irritate your skin more. Stick to one product, whether a toner or astringent, since your skin gets well adjusted to it. Look for non-pore clogging, and water-based instead of alcohol-based products.

5. Never ignore acne
The more you ignore acne, the more your face is prone to severity of condition. Address it promptly by consulting with your dermatologist.


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