Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue light acne treatment is a highly beneficial course of action for acne sufferers. Acne is formed when the bacteria P acnes multiplies at the base of a hair follicle in a gland. When Sebum and dirt are trapped, the P acnes bacterium multiplies causing the condition known as Acne. Blue light acne treatment is highly effective, due to the fact that the light beams destroy the bacteria, P acnes at its root.

The blue light is combined with red light throughout the treatment. The blue light is beneficial for destroying the P acnes, and the red light is used to promote healing in the skin. In fact, clinical studies have shown that when skin is exposed to red light, it heals at a speed of 200 times faster than without the light.
Blue light acne treatment has been shown to be effective in nearly 85% of all acne sufferers, making it a great solution for those who are looking for valuable remedies. Many people reportedly prefer treatment with light therapy due to the fact that there are significantly less side effects then with some of the more conventional methods.

Users of blue light typically notice a change in the skin’s appearance after two weeks of use. After using the treatment for one month, researchers have noticed that there was a noticeable reduction in acne by at least 60%. That figure rose to 76% after patients used the light therapy for three months.

Blue light therapy is safe and effective and its risks are minimal. It does not contain dangerous UV rays, therefore it does not contribute to sunburn or skin cancer. However, studies have shown that those of an Asian background may notice their skin darkens after use. It is also recommended to wear protective goggles to keep the sensitive parts of the eyes protected during treatment sessions.

Some of the benefits of using blue light therapy include the fact that the treatment only takes a minimal amount of time- roughly 15 minutes daily. Also, you may perform the treatments in the comfort of your own home, or you may see a specialist if you prefer. The treatment is relatively inexpensive and costs roughly $100.00 per session.
Though blue light therapy has been shown to be an effective tool in the fight against acne, there are some situations where people will want to refrain from using the treatment. These conditions include those who have a sunburn or have recently been suntanned, and those who are taking certain medications. If you are receiving sessions in a clinical facility, you will need to find out what their standard procedures are for treatment. Also, you should ensure that your physician or dermatologist is aware of the fact that you would like to begin blue light therapy before starting your sessions.

Once you have your health care practitioners approval make sure that you follow all of the instructions pertaining to your blue light treatment. You will need to make certain that you follow all instructions before beginning treatment, as well as in your after care.


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