Herbal Acne Treatment

When it comes to treating the skin, many people prefer an herbal acne treatment as opposed to an over the counter remedy or prescription medication for several reasons. First, many people feel safer using an acne remedy that is comprised of all natural ingredients. Herbal acne remedies have been used for centuries all across the world and they are as effective today as they were back then.

Today, due to modern technology, people have greater options when choosing an herbal acne remedy. They can easily choose herbs that are native to continents such as Asia or Africa and use remedies that have been used by ancient people such as the early Egyptians or Chinese.
Some herbal acne treatments consist of using pure essential oils or gels to combat the acne from the surface of the skin. Various herbs are used for their healing properties and help reduce the swelling and inflammation often associated with Acne. Aloe Vera Gel, Calendula, and Witch Hazel are revered for their ability to disinfect, cleanse, and reduce inflammation. Tea tree oil is a highly recommended herbal acne treatment. Tea tree is very antiseptic and has bacteria fighting properties.

Lavender oil is often recommended for use against acne. It has antiseptic properties and is effective in preventing breakouts from occurring. Lavender is also soothing and is useful for promoting feelings of tranquility. For those suffering with acne, it is a very relaxing oil to use.

Another beneficial oil that is often used in herbal acne treatments is clove oil. Though very strong in its purest form, clove oil is highly effective at drying out the skin, thereby reducing the amount of sebum. Likewise, rosewood oil is also great for drying the skin and reducing sebum. Since these oils are very strong, it is not recommended that they be used in their pure form, but first they must be diluted in carrier oil.

Echinacea is also recommended for the treatment of Acne. Echinacea helps strengthen and improve the immune system- a vital component in the body’s fight against acne. Additionally, Echinacea helps prevent infections in localized areas and helps speed the healing of individual acne blemishes.
Many herbal acne treatments also incorporate herbs that promote and strengthen the liver. Since a healthy functioning liver is vital to balancing hormones, many health practitioners recommend balancing the liver as a vital component to treating acne. Milk thistle is often used to balance the liver and is often used in conjunction with other herbs in acne formulas.

When using herbal blends, it is important to make sure that your doctor or dermatologist is aware of the products you are using. Although herbs are natural, they are also very strong and many times they can mimic the natural hormones in your body. Therefore it is very important that you use all herbal remedies in a safe and wise manner. You should always read the labels and warning signs on all products, remedies, and essential oils thoroughly. Also, use caution when choosing essential oils to apply directly to the skin. Make sure to dilute them in carrier oil, such as almond, grape seed, or olive oil before use.


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