Basic Homemade Acne Cures

One benefit you can derive from homemade acne remedies is that you can personally create a concoction that will work best for your specific skin type and acne condition. Over the years, several ways have been developed to address this skin condition. Since our skin can be of different types, one particular acne cure might have positive effects on one yet does nothing for another. But by covering the basics of acne treatment, which are proper diet and good hygiene, you will largely improve the condition of your skin regardless of skin type.

Homemade cure can be created topical and oral or internal consumption. When mixing a topical application for acne treatment, make sure you get the right ingredients by ensuring their safe use and getting only what is suitable to your own skin type.
Although there are over-the-counter medicines that will dry zits fast, there are people still who do not benefit from these OTC prescriptions, given various skin negative reactions to these medicines. This is the time to consider acne treatments from the home to bust those unsightly zits in a less expensive way.

Water therapy and eating the right amount of fruits and herbs can contribute in curing acne fast. Do a regular workout to boost blood circulation for healthier skin. Do not forget to get the right amount of sleep to rest away daily stress from work and pollution.

As for herbs, check out sarsaparilla, tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. Use beneficial fruits for acne, like lemon and apple. You can also use oatmeal, honey, and yogurt to dry up those pimples. A mixture of fruits and herbs into a paste is a natural facial mask that can relieve a face sore from acne.

Now that you have an idea on food types to treat acne, following up on treatment practices will get you to the road to having a cleared-up complexion. Always remember to keep your face clean by washing it twice a day to keep it dirt and oil-free.

Hydrate, and again, hydrate! Drink plenty of water to swill out bodily toxins inside your system. You can try astringent with minimal alcohol content to wipe away excess oil. Take a daily mild dose of vitamin A, B6, and zinc if your budget still allows, to keep the skin more younger looking and more supple and elastic.


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